Black Friday: investing in the right retail technology

With Black Friday in just over a month, retailers should be investing in the right technology to manage the increased sales and traffic. Black Friday has gained exceptional growth over the past five years and is the most popular time of the year for South African shoppers to splurge.

In South Africa, the largest spenders on Black Friday 2019 were 24-36 years old. This is a generation of tech-savvy, technology-orientated individuals who expect the right technology in-store.

One item easily implemented to improve the in-store shopping experience is mobile POS. This is done in the following ways:

Queue busting

mPOS enables sales assistants to take payment on the shop floor which reduces queues and waiting times. On average customers are only willing to queue for 5-10 min, before leaving the store – so let’s not keep them waiting!

Improved sales tactics

Place an eCommerce site on the mPOS device and place it in the hands of your sales assistants. This allows them to look up product information for up-sell and cross-sell. On Black Friday 64% of customers look for deals both online and in-store; so make sure the sales assistants can see the deals the customer has seen online.

Improved customer experience

The reduction in queueing time, along with the ability for sales assistants to provide accurate product information will play a great role in improving the customer experience.

Enterprise mobility

Manage any retail function on a mobile device, without having to return to the till. These functions can include click-and-collect, IBTs, stock checking, deliveries and orders.

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