The Thumbzup Payment Pebble® card reader holds the following certifications:

  • PCI-PTS with SRED [Approval# 4-60203];
  • Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) previously known as APCA [EFTPOS Teminal] ;
    for use of the device in the for the Australian market
  • Hardware Certifications
    L1 Certifications ensures the device meets the lower level electromagnetic and communication protocol requirements
    • EMV Level 1 for contact cards [Cert# 15214 0816 430 43a 43a ULVS];
    • EMV Level 1 for contactless cards [Cert# 15360 1016 250 25a 25a ULVS];
    • TQM Label for contact cards [TQM0838/01]
    • TQM Label for contactless cards [TQM0745/01]
  • Kernel Certifications
    L2 Certifications validates the software that implements the payment functionality and that runs on the Level 1-certified device
    • EMV Level 2 for contact cards [Cert# 2-03718-1-_-TUVP-1016-4.3.e];
    • VISA L2 for contactless card readers [Cert# CDTHUM0931B];
    • Mastercard L2 for contactless card readers [Cert# TLOA-THUM170201-170612(a)];
    • AMEX L2 for contactless card readers[Cert# 31.146.TUV.Thumbzup.PaymentPebbletCR2.180615]


Thumbzup Payment Solution certifications (using the Payment Pebble® product)

  • VisaReady Certified
  • MasterCard Certified
  • Implementation Specific
    • PCI DSS Certified
    • PCI PIN Certified
    • PCI PA-DSS Certified [Ref#: 16-08.00969.002]
    • PCI P2PE Certified [Ref#: 2017-00969.001]