5 Tips To Creating a Great Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is the perception the customer has of your brand which is based on every interaction from digital to in-store. Growth in technology, online presence, apps, and social media has opened many channels for retailers to communicate. This has created a vast omnichannel experience in the retail space.

Customer Experience


1. Create A Seamless Experience

Engaging with customers through multiple channels and technologies creates a complete retail experience. Each of these channels should be interlinked to build a continuous relationship with the customer through the channels they use.

2. Know Your Customer

Who is your customer? What channels do they use to interact with your business? What is their user experience? An easy and enjoyable experience is the ideal. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and map a journey across all channels. Slow web pages, bugged apps, a lack of information or a lack of contact information detracts customers from the start.

3. Look After Your Employees And Encourage Customer Centricity

Take care of your employees, and they will look after your customer. The most successful retailers understand that every employee can have an influence on CX, even if they do not directly engage with the customer. Retailers should therefore encourage a customer-centric approach across all departments.

4. Gather Customer Feedback And Data

Gather and communicate customer feedback and data with your employees to identify strengths, weaknesses, and trends. The most successful retailers integrate the customer voice into the foundation of their retail strategy.

5. Convey A Human Message

Top retailers have a unique human message to the market. Are you supplying environmentally friendly products to reduce the carbon footprint? Is your business simplifying your customers’ lives in a unique way? Are you helping to bring people together? Customers want to know what makes your business stand out from the rest in an ethical, human way.

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