Providing a Successful Experience for Omnichannel Shoppers

Omnichannel shoppers

Omnichannel shoppers typically spend more than single channel shoppers. While many factors need to be considered for a frictionless omnichannel delivery, mobile technology can play a key role in seamlessly integrating your retail channels. Successful retailers provide what their customers want, and enable their customers to interact and engage on their terms – here are some of their insights into delivering on omnichannel:

  1. Design matters: simple, clean ecommerce sites that load swiftly are easy to navigate, and offer intuitive paths to check-out are key to keeping your customer’s attention. For the in-store mPOS solution, the fewer clicks to purchase, the better. In all instances, the solution must seamlessly process the customer’s chosen payment method across all channels.
  2. Thoughtful product selection: customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily;  having fewer high quality products to choose from helps reduce ‘analysis paralysis’. Curating your product offering makes for speedier and more accurate updating of ranges, prices, and promotions, and also enables your customers to note instantly what’s new.
  3. Retail customers are well-versed in product comparisons especially around price, so visibility and transparency of pricing, as well as price cohesion across the site and stores, is essential. Providing your customers the ability to make side-by-side comparisons on a single screen without toggling between screens is a convenience few retailers currently offer. Customers value and trust the opinions of other customers – make their experiences and reviews visible.
  4. The safety and security of personal and financial information is increasingly becoming a concern: share your customers’ concerns by detailing the protective measures your business and site employs, and reassure new and existing customers of your commitment to safeguard their information.
  5. Online customers coming in-store is an interaction opportunity, and a chance to step up your customer service. Start with great product information: enabling your ecommerce site in-store allows sales assistants to have relevant content at their fingertips.
  6. Remove the hassle: streamline and simplify your delivery, collection, and returns options whether buying from in-store or online. Great, customer-friendly services practices across all channels are your best bet in winning loyalty.

Omnichannel shoppers seek service that delivers on promises, and transparent processes that fulfill their needs. A well-defined strategy together with mobile technology are key to integrating your customers’ experience across channels, and creating a stand out retail brand.