Tap and Go Payment: Simple, Secure and Convenient

tap and go card reader

The purpose of Tap and Go transactions is to speed up payments. This is done by doing away with the time-consuming PIN code and authorisation process. Tap and Go cards are embedded with a chip that allows for near-field communication (NFC). This technology allows for compatible card readers to authenticate transactions by proximity to the card.

Retailers with Tap and Go enabled card readers are improving the customer experience in their store by enabling a high speed and convenient payment experience. Retailers also benefit by processing more transactions in a faster time, and in turn reducing the waiting time in queues.

Tapping a card also means customers do not need to physically hold the payment device, touch the screen, or press the buttons to enter a PIN (if the cost is within a certain limit). This is a far cleaner payment method which also reduces the transmission of germs.

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