Key features of the Payment Blade for the hospitality sector include:

  • Reduce cash by taking cards and contactless device payments;
  • Low total cost of ownership relative to benefits;
  • Payment at table or on site for deliveries;
  • Support for home delivery, including turn-by-turn ‘GPS’ navigation
  • Support for accounting, inventory and staff management apps;
  • For delivery services, sharing information on driver location allows better timing of food preparation;
  • Stock management and order facilitation with POS integration where available.

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There is no need to replace your existing POS, unless it is really old, as the Payment Blade can integrate with anything on or off device as long as there is a means to connect over some kind of network. Note that integrations may require some software development, or the availability of a POS integration done by the POS provider.

Currently There are over 400 restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, catering businesses and taverns using the Payment Blade. It solved several challenges faced by owners of these businesses, including:

  • Reducing the cost and risk of cash;
  • Increasing turnover;
  • Reducing queues;
  • Improving their customer experience;
  • Offering value-added services such as prepaid airtime and electricity.

Our hospitality focus has mainly been in Australia, but if you are involved in the hospitality sector in South Africa, or are a POS vendor in hospitality, and would like to know more, please contact us. In Australia, please contact ANZ directly.