The Load Shedding Retail Solution

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Many retailers loose sales due to their point of sale systems being down during load shedding. Retailers often have to revert to cash and complicated end-of-day recons. Many have costly generators and UPS’s to keep their PoS and payment environment running. The Payment Blade is the Retail Load Shedding Solution.


Uninterrupted technology

The Payment Blade’s 8-16 hour battery life ensures that your business is running optimally throughout load shedding. This is done without interruption and the need to slow down to conserve battery life.

Always connected and running optimally

Its dual SIM card slots ensure you are always connected, even when one of the networks goes offline. Left in the dark? You can also change the brightness settings to suit the lighting in your store/restaurant. Most retail point of sale software systems can run offline. They then sync when connection is restored helping to ensure all sales are digitally captured. With the Payment Blade, all software is synced and up to date.

Being prepared

The Payment Blade is an Android platform allowing you to install load shedding apps such as ESP or GridWatch to keep track of the load shedding schedules. We also sell fast-charging cradles allowing you to charge multiple Payment Blades at the same time in preparation for load shedding.


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