Thumbzup Reveals Their Company Values

We are super excited to reveal our company values!

company values

What our values mean to us

Our core values represent who we are as a company, and express how we want to be perceived both internally and externally. At Thumbzup we have always had a strong sense of our beliefs and values, but we had not formally articulated and leveraged their strength. We believe values are the fundamental building blocks of a company’s culture, and great strategies thrive in great culture! A great culture is like a well-toiled field, ready for new seedlings and prepared to nurture and sustain new plants well into their maturity.

The process of unpacking

Firstly, we started looking at our history, the key drivers, and motivation from the very beginning. Secondly, we interviewed every team member to get a sense of their perceptions. Thirdly, there were many discussions, debates, and workshops to define the wording and meaning that resonated the best in our business. We intentionally didn’t want to communicate a set of values that were not authentic. Instead, we listened to each person and unearthed what was true to who we are and what we want to focus on going forward.

Our Values

company valuescompany values
company valuesbuild good stuff
think super differently

Our plan going forward

To celebrate our wonderful culture, we have launched a FUN Friday initiative. Each Friday we will be focussing on a single value, and doing exciting activities aligned to the value. We fully plan on living and embracing our values in every aspect of our work.