Thumbzup starts their FUN FRIDAY Initiative

fun friday

FUN FRIDAY at Thumbzup

Last Friday we ran the first day of the FUN FRIDAY initiative to celebrate our value ‘WOW The Customer’.

On this day we surprised our team members with treats and snacks throughout the day. We made the day about treating our teammates like royalty, as an example of how we should always treat our customers.

We wanted to create some WOW in the office, along with some food, fun, and laughs!

Centurion Office

In Centurion, they started the day off with coffee and hot chocolate with white cream and chocolate cream. They then had some blue ‘WOW-themed’ cupcakes for tea-time and played some office cricket. They did a Thumbzup braai for lunch and had some home-made potato bake (thanks Elsa!) and summer salad (thanks Anjela!). 

fun friday

Cape Town Office

The Cape Town office celebrated in a similar fashion. They provided hug-in-a-mug coffees with marshmallows enjoyed first thing in the morning. Caramel ‘WOW-themed’ cupcakes were munched with much enthusiasm. Sushi platters were served as the main lunch meal, with chocolates for dessert. 


fun friday

Fun had by all

The Cape Town and Centurion staff were also given a ‘2 hours off work’ voucher to use when they like. Although many of our staff members already have flexible hours and the choice to work from home, we wanted to create a ‘2 hours, no questions asked voucher’ for everyone (which became last Friday’s new Thumbzup trade currency to accumulate hours in CPT). All-in-all a fun day had by all, and we are SUPER excited for the next FUN FRIDAY.


2 hours off work voucher

Next week at Thumbzup we will be celebrating our second value: ONE Thumbzup, which will be in line with the theme: GAME ON. We will be doing a variety of game-related team-building exercises. Updates to come!