Mandela Day Activities 2019, Thumbzup

Mandela Day Activities, 18 July 2019

As part of Thumbzup’s ongoing commitment to Social Investment, we supported two worthy causes as Mandela Day Activities: the Animal Anti Cruelty League (Cape Town Office) and the Kosmos Care Centre (Centurion Office).

Thumbzup Centurion Office and the Kosmos Care Centre

Mandela Day Activities Home of Hope

The Kosmos Care Centre is the home of many destitute people.  It houses drug addicts, the physically and mentally disabled, the elderly, deaf persons and the homeless. Winter is their busiest time as homeless people are looking for food and shelter against the cold.

Based in Onderstepoort, not only does Kosmos care for its residents but also reaches out to the community around them to often help with food parcels and clothing that is not needed at that specific time. Since its inception 25 years ago Kosmos care Centre has directly or indirectly helped about 100,000 people.

The Thumbzup Centurion team rallied together on for their Mandela Day Activities to assist the residents at the home. A staff collections drive was held beforehand with Thumbzup matching the contribution. 63 care packs were assembled and food was donated to the residents.  On the 18th of July, several staff members drove through to Kosmos to personally make the donations, dish out hugs and spend time with the various residents, over a cup of tea and cake.

Mandela Day Activities home of hope

Gys Grobler manager at the Care Centre acknowledged their appreciation for all the effort in a personal letter to Thumbzup.  The upgrading of Kosmos is a continuous journey and every donation makes a difference.


Thumbzup Cape Town Office and the AACL

Mandela Day Activities AACLThe Animal Anti-Cruelty League  (AACL) is a non-profit organisation who have been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. It is the second biggest independent animal welfare organisation in South Africa and relies entirely upon the generosity and goodwill of the animal-loving public for financial support.

Prior to Mandela Day, we arranged for some AACL donations. Every staff member made a donation towards the AACL. We collected a full box of dog food, cat food, animal toys, chewables, medication, treats, blankets and more.

On the day of the 18th some of the CPT staff members went to the AACL in Epping and spent time with the dogs and cats, and helped with renovations of the facility.

The AACL was extremely appreciative for the donations and the time Thumbzup spent at the AACL.

“We are still so overwhelmed by all the love and support we have received from you on the day. Our animals were over the moon for all the walks and gifts they got, they had the best nights rest on Thursday evening.  Thank you so very much for choosing to spend your Mandela Day at the league. Your time spent here along with the donations is a direct contribution to the animals in need that are supported by our organisation.” Kelly Arendse, Marketing Coordinator, AACL

Mandela Day Activities aacl