Payment Blade

Acquirers and processors, you can offer your merchant customer base an affordable, secure and fully certified business mobility solution. Business anywhere, any time with payments right there and then for any tender type.

Enterprise-readyBlade is equipped with a large battery designed to survive intense trading environments like retail stores or restaurants, and transaction processing is optimised for retail environments.
Tailor BladeBlade comes with accessories to adapt your Blade to your business, such as a charging dock, a clip-on barcode scanner with 1D and 2D capabilities.
MobileBlade comes with dual SIM slots, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It has turn-by-turn navigation and call capabilities, but only if you decide to use them.
IntegratedUse any enterprise apps already integrated with our payments apps. Alternatively, run your own enterprise Android app on Blade and close the payments loop in real time with our API.
Omnichannel readyIts accessible APIs and ability to cater for multiple tender types allow the Payment Blade to fit right into your omnichannel strategy as if it were made just for your needs.
Your own "app store"Manage applications on the Payment Blade via our managed application repository. Develop and add apps to the repository using our Developer Porta. Acquirers can manage apps through the Administrative portal.

Some of the key features of the Payment Blade are shown in the illustration below.

Payment Blade version 2
Key features of the Payment Blade version 2.

The Payment Blade is marketed in Australia as ANZ BladePay. You can watch a video about it below.