Payment Pebble® Air

The Payment Pebble® Air

A tiny device with large capabilities

The Payment Pebble ® Air is an affordable, secure, and fully certified card-acceptance device that connects easily via Bluetooth or USB-C with many common Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, turning your device into a payment terminal. The Payment Pebble ® Air is PCI PTS, EMVCo and P2PE certified. Its ability to process payments is facilitated by a secure PCI DSS certified transaction processing ecosystem enabled by Thumbzup.

Thumbzup is a payments company with a ten-year track record of providing payment on the move. At Thumbzup we imagine a world where retail experiences are distinctive, everyone can transact easily, and merchants use innovative technology to close more sales.

Payment Pebble® Air

Payment Pebble®

SIMPLE SETUP: Easily setup your new card reader in minutes
o TAP & GO: Accepts contactless payment methods as well as magstripe, chip-and-PIN
and wearable payments, like Apple Pay.
o DURABLE: Strong Gorilla glass protection for the screen
o SEE IT: Backlit colour screen that is clearly visible, day and night.
o COMPATIBLE: Can be connected to both Android and iOS mobile devices.
o SECURE AND CERTIFIED: A fully EMV and PCI certified device using encryption and
cryptography to ensure that all cardholder information is handled securely.
o LONG LASTING BATTERY: Over 300 transactions on a full charge.