Payment Pebble®

Payment Pebble®
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Acquirers and processors, you can offer your merchant customer base an affordable, secure and fully certified MPOS solution. As an acquirer, the Payment Pebble® card reader comes with an app that you own, and is therefore fine-tuned to your transaction rules and your brand identity.

The Payment Pebble® card reader is a card-acceptance device that connects simply and easily via a mobile phone audio plug to many common smartphones and tablets. It’s ability to process cards is facilitated by a secure ecosystem of back-end software, such that the mobile device to which it is plugged never contains any user or transaction information. It is a tiny device with large capabilities.

Stand-alone or with Payment Blade
The Payment Pebble® can be used with the acquirer’s mobile app on an Android or iOS device, or it can be supplied as part of the dedicated Payment Blade platform.

It just works
It is the ultimate in simplicity, you plug it in, start the app on the phone, and begin transacting immediately. It just works.

Certified and secure
The Payment Pebble® is certified against all industry standard security and usability requirements. All card data are fully encrypted, and never available anywhere on the mobile host device.

Accept all card and contactless device payments
Depending on what the acquirer has implemented, the Payment Pebble® can accept mag and pin, mag and signature, chip and pin, chip and signature and contactless cards. It can accept debit and credit cards, as well as contactless devices such as Apple and Android pay.

See your data
Analytics with mobility-specific information will help your customers seize the opportunities offered by cutting-edge technology while making payments easier than ever.

In South Africa, the  Payment Pebble® for mobile devices is available from Absa Bank, while in Australia it is available through ANZ Bank. You may also contact us directly for more information.

You can watch the video below which shows Payment Pebble® version 1 as part of ANZ FastPay® Next Generation.