Products and services overview

Pebble and blade
The Payment Pebble® and Payment Blade, both currently at version 2.

thumbzup products and services focus around our two core technologies, the Payment Pebble® card reader and the Payment Blade integrated business mobility platform. The Payment Pebble® provides the secure card acceptance capability to the Payment Blade, and can also be used with Apple and Android phones and tablets to add mobile card acceptance to existing devices. For the Payment Blade, we provide an API that gives easy access to the blade hardware as well as the payment capabilities of the Payment Pebble®. Third parties can use this API to integrate and extend the capabilities of the device. We provide a developer portal to allow the management and publishing of apps to the Payment Blade.

Our key services offerings include:

  • product handling and delivery in accordance with PCI P2PE (note that this is acquirer specific and not all acquirers offer this);
  • fully configured products that just work immediately, out the box;
  • open API support to enable deep integration into line-of-business systems;
  • acquirer support and account management;
  • new device preparation in our secure key loading facility;
  • product support;
  • service, repairs, refurbishments;
  • provision of services for customised software loading;
  • custom product development (software and hardware);
  • remote software and firmware updates.