P2PE certified Mobile Pos: Payment Pebble(R)

P2PE certified Mobile Pos: Payment Pebble(R)P2PE certified Mobile Pos: Payment Pebble(R). Thumbzup is pleased to announce that it has achieved PCI Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) certification for its Payment Pebble(R) / Payment Blade solution. A “solution” is a complete set of hardware, software, back-office, decryption, and includes how devices are handled by all stakeholders. Only “solutions” can be certified, not individual pieces of hardware such as card readers. The solution that is certified is an integration with processor Ecentric Payment Systems.

It was a major effort of the whole product team over several months, said Saul Gorin, Thumbzup’s CEO. P2PE is a standard established by the PCI Security Standards Council to provide a payment security solution that immediately converts confidential credit and debit card information into indecipherable code at the time the card is swiped to prevent hacking and fraud. Aside from consumers knowing that their card information is secure, P2PE allows retailers that implement certified solutions to reduce the scope of their own PCI DSS certification and thus save considerable time and cost.

The Thumbzup P2PE certified solution is available in South Africa on the Ecentric processing rails, and targets larger retailers who benefit from the PCI DSS scope reduction and enhanced security compliance. However, any business using the Thumbzup Payment Blade via the Ecentric rails will benefit automatically from P2PE.

Furthermore, Thumbzup now has the experience and certified components to offer P2PE via any new acquirer or processor that makes use of our solution stack. Only the new elements that are added as part of bringing on a new acquirer or processor will have to have additional certification, considerably reducing the cost and speeding up certification time. P2PE certified Mobile Pos: Payment Pebble(R)

See the PCI website for the listing.