thumbzup has an extensive track record in retail environments, indeed the Payment Blade grew out of our enterprise engagements. The Payment Blade has been greatly enhanced for large retail, and now includes an optional, retail-grade, laser barcode scanner (1D, 2D), and can be augmented with Bluetooth printer and any other accessories required.

The Payment Blade is a proven concept within the South African retail environment:

  • 1 in 5 current merchants are using these payment technologies in a retail environment;
  • Used by a country-wide and international clothing retailer, whose primary objective initially was queue busting;
  • In this environment the Payment Blade is now processing a significant fraction of payment taken on the retail floor;
  • By using their till app on the blade, they have been able to remove traditional tills, and free up expensive floor space to increase stock on the floor;
  • Currently projects underway to expand into several new large retail clients.

Key benefits of the Payment Blade in the retail environment include:

  • easily integrated with the shop IT environment, including POS systems, back-office systems, via apps that can be loaded onto the device;
  • fast transaction processing and very fast bar-code scanning;
  • runs independently or integrates with POS & ERP with third party development, and is considered omni-channel ready;
  • very long battery life suitable for retail checkout;
  • can be a vehicle for value added services (VAS) sale within a shop;
  • can be used by delivery drivers in retail shops that have a home delivery offering.

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