SME merchants

thumbzup started with the early versions of the Payment Pebble® as a device targeting primarily SME merchants. We have a lot of experience in this space, and both the stand-alone Payment Pebble® and the Payment Blade are viable options for SME merchants. Merchants using our technologies include plumbers, electricians, barbers, hair salons, nurseries and flower shops, health care professionals, book stores, taverns, small shops, market stalls, delivery agents, bakeries, restaurants and many others.

In Australia, our SME solutions are marketed as ANZ FastPay® and ANZ BladePay® and are available from ANZ directly. Visit the ANZ FastPay® website to find out more.

ANZ FastPay® Next Generation video

In South Africa, our SME solutions are marketed by Absa Bank as the Absa Payment Pebble® and Payment Pebble® Handset. Visit the Absa website to find out more.