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The Payment Blade is an Android business mobility platform that supports retail in-store and omnichannel strategies, and provides secure card present payments through the Payment Pebble®.

The Payment Pebble®  is a secure card reader that supports the BOYD (bring your own device) for the SME and Independent Retail market. It supports both Android and IOS devices using the audio jack, turning the device into mobile fully certified card reader for contact and contactless payments.

Payment Blade v2.1

PAYMENT. Trusted and certified (EMV L1 & L2, PCI PTS with SRED).

INNOVATION. Runs customer Android apps and Web apps.

TAP & GO.  Takes any contactless payment method supported by the acquirer (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc).

SEE IT. Backlit colour screen for a  clearly visible screen, day and night.

ENTERPRISE MOBILITY PLATFORM. Run any Android enterprise app like stock take or restaurant orders. Integrate payments in real time into your workflow without additional security requirements.

MULTIPLE TENDER TYPES FOR PAYMENTS.  The Payment Blade can process QR codes to enable digital voucher, coupon or loyalty payments.

SNAP IT. Front and rear facing cameras.
SCAN IT. Clip -in 1D & 2D barcode scanner.

The Payment Blade is

The Payment Blade is equipped with a large battery designed to survive intense trading environments such as retail stores and restaurants. Transactions processing is enhanced for retail environments.

The Payment Blade exposes an API for easy integration with business apps, providing one platform and device enabling any enterprise or point of sale applications to accept card payment and other tender types in the retail environment.

Tailor Blade
The Payment Blade comes with accessories to adapt to your business, such as a charging dock and a clip-on barcode scanner with 1D and 2D capabilities.

Omnichannel ready
Its accessible API and ability to cater for multiple tender types allows the Payment Blade to fit right into your omnichannel strategy as if made just for your needs.

The Payment Blade comes with dual SIM slots, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Its turn-by-turn navigation and call capabilities are enabled only if you decide to use them.

Your own “app store”
Manage applications on the Payment Blade via our managed application repository. Develop and add apps to the repository using our Developer Portal. Acquirers can manage apps through the Administrator portal.

Payment Pebble® v2

COMPATIBLE. Magswipe and CHIP and PIN functionality.

DURABLE. Strong Gorilla glass protection for the screen.

SECURE AND CERTIFIED, A fully EMV and PCI certified secure cryptographic device ensures that all cardholder information is handled securely.

TAP & GO.  Takes any contactless payment method supported by the acquirer (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc).

SEE IT. Backlit  to ensure the Pebble  colour screen is clearly visible, day and night.

USES PHONE AUDIO JACK. Plugs into your phone or tablet audio jack for use immediately: no setup or configuration to maintain. Options are available for devices with no audio jack.

The Payment Pebble® – A tiny device with large capabilities

The Payment Pebble® offers an affordable, secure, and fully certified MPOS solution through a card-acceptance device that connects simply via an audio plug to many common smartphones and tablets (a USB connection can also be used for embedding). The Payment Pebble’s® ability to process cards is facilitated by a secure ecosystem of back-office software – the mobile device into which it is plugged never contains any card or transaction information.

For acquirers and processors, the Payment Pebble® card reader comes with an app that you own, and is therefore fine-tuned to your transaction rules and your brand identity.